Men's denim shirts come back every season thanks to their multiple possibilities when it comes to combining them.

With it you can achieve all kinds of looks, from more casual to more elegant. Get your hands on this men's fashion classic now and discover the look that suits you best.

How to combine a denim shirt for men

In case you need some inspiration to create your look, here are some ideas to combine this denim garment.

100% denim look

Denim style is your thing? Then pair the shirt with denim trousers in a similar shade and cowboy boots or brown ankle boots.

For colder days, you can wrap up warm with a matching jacket or denim jacket.

With other fabrics

The second option is to wear it with trousers in a different fabric than denim, such as chinos. You can play with the colour of the shirt and the trousers to try different looks.

Finish off the outfit with a pair of trainers if you want a sporty touch, or a pair of shoes if you prefer something more elegant.

With a suit

For more special occasions, you can wear the denim shirt under a smart jacket, playing with the colours of both to make it stand out.


Finally, if you prefer a more grunge style, pair it with black slim trousers and boots in the same colour.


Without a doubt, the denim shirt for men is one of the most versatile garments in men's fashion. Do you already know what style you are going to create with it?

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