Women's denim waistcoats, a garment that originated in men's wardrobes, made the leap into women's fashion and today they are an ideal accessory.

The advantage of women's denim waistcoats is that they suit almost every style. How will you match yours?

Ideas for looks with a women's denim waistcoat


First of all, there is the classic rocker look. With a black or navy blue waistcoat, a cotton T-shirt and women's jeans or a denim skirt, you'll get the look of a real rock star.


For a more casual or refined style, a good option is to combine the denim waistcoat with a printed sleeveless shirt or top.

With dresses

It will also look perfect, and give a rebellious touch to your look, by wearing it with a short or long dress, topped off with matching footwear, such as sandals or even boots.


As you can see, there are many uses for a women's denim waistcoat- let your imagination run wild!

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