Denim skirts, because of their comfort and their possibilities when it comes to combining them, are a type of denim clothing for women that can be worn on any occasion. Whether long or short, this type of skirt enhances the figure and gives a sensual touch to the woman's look.

The denim skirts of slow fashion

At Bustins Jeans, we are a slow fashion denim brand, a more sustainable vision of this sector, which other brands have turned into one of the most polluting on the planet.

Thanks to this textile philosophy, our denim skirts are more sustainable and durable than those of fast fashion brands.

A timeless and timeless denim skirt catalog

Follow the slow fashion means not getting carried away by seasonality, but always offering a catalog valid for the whole year.

Quality materials of certified origin

Like all the garments of our denim store, we make the denim skirts of this collection with quality materials and zero kilometer. The most used is organic cotton provided by local companies that guarantee its origin.

Handcrafted garments

We prioritize quality over quantity. Thus, we work in our small workshop on the Costa Brava, all in a handmade way to make a denim skirt a more special garment and able to last for years in your closet.

How to combine a denim skirt?

In Bustins Jeans we know that there is nothing written about tastes. So, here are the best ideas to combine your short or long denim skirt, which one do you choose?

100% denim look

Wear a full denim look by combining the skirt with a denim shirt or jacket, in the same or a different shade.

If it's short, you can finish off your look with heels or sandals. High or mid-calf boots are a good option if you are wearing a long denim skirt.

With cotton T-shirts

If you're looking for a more casual look, especially if you're wearing a short denim skirt short denim skirtcombine it with a cotton t-shirt that fits your style.

Go all in on black

Black always adds elegance to the look. You can combine the skirt with a black top or sweater, and put the finishing touch to the outfit with high boots of the same color.

Or do it in white

You can also achieve an elegant look by wearing the denim skirt with a long-sleeved white shirt or blouse, opting for heels or sandals to complete your look.

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