We know that everyone has their own style and type of figure. Therefore, in this collection, you will find all types of jeans for women.

Discover the ones that best suit you and join the fashion made in Costa Brava.

The denim pants you can't miss in your closet

Jeans, also called jeans or denim pants, are one of the most iconic and versatile garments there are, so much so that they can be worn every day of the year.

There is nothing written about styles and body shapes. Therefore, the different types of jeans are designed to meet the needs of each one while completing your most desired look.

Here we explain the most common types of girls' jeans according to the cut.

Skinny jeans

They are women's skinny jeans, whose effect becomes that of a second skin. There are also the so-called super skinny, which are even tighter to the body.

Slim jeans

Slim denim pants are halfway between skinny jeans and straight cut jeans. They shape some areas of the leg, such as the thighs, although they are not as tight as the previous ones.

Straight jeans

These are classic women's jeans, with straight legs that flatter the body and provide great freedom of movement.

Flare jeans

They are intermediate between straight cut jeans and bell or elephant leg jeans. The particularity of these jeans is that they start to widen above the knee until they are completely baggy at the ankles.

Women's boyfriend jeans

They are taken from men's jeans, and are women's jeans that are loose in the hips, high-waisted and rolled up at the ankles.

How to choose the perfect girl's jeans?

The fact that there are different types of jeans responds to the needs of each woman, which vary according to her type of figure and her particular tastes.

Skinny or super skinny jeans for women are ideal for enhancing the natural curves of the legs.

The slim fit, which flatters all silhouettes, gives a slender look to the body and lengthens the figure.

Women's straight-cut jeans, on the other hand, make the legs appear slimmer and equalize the volume of the thighs and calves.

Flare jeans are perfect for tall girls and to conceal the size of the thighs.

Finally, boyfriend pants add a casual touch to the look and suit all types of feminine silhouettes.

The most sustainable and responsible jeans for women

The philosophy of Bustins Jeans is the manufacture of denim clothing in a handmade way. We focus on quality rather than quantity, and this is reflected in our catalog, which is timeless and reduced (slow fashion).

For the making of the jeans, as well as the rest of the denim clothing for girls, we use organic cotton produced in Spain. This type of cotton is of higher quality, comfort and durability than conventional cotton.

The other materials used in our pants (metal for buttons and rivets, threads, etc.) are also produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Who are we at Bustins Jeans?

Under Bustins Jeans is the old BustinSTOCK brand that emerged in 1968 on the Costa Brava. From a small business created in a coastal town we opened a store in Los Angeles in 1990, and we were one of the reference denim brands during the "movida madrileña".

Now, as Bustins Jeans, we resume the activity started by our family more than half a century ago, offering you responsible denim clothing made here, by hand, and with the experience of more than half a century in the sector.

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