If there is an iconic men's garment, it's men's jeans. Thinking about the style of each one, at Bustins Jeans we make men's jeans in different styles, so you can find the one that best suits you.

Bustins Jeans, the sustainable jeans for men

We are a brand of men's jeans and other men's denim clothing created more than half a century ago.

Our philosophy when making men's jeans is to do it in a more environmentally responsible way, using organic cotton, a softer and higher quality material than conventional cotton.

These values are the reason why our catalogue is timeless and small, and why we prioritise the quality of our men's jeans over quantity.

Types of men's jeans

Also known as jeans, men's jeans are a classic in men's wardrobes. Because of their versatility and their different types, they are garments that go with everything, depending on tastes and figure types.


Skinny jeans are men's skinny jeans. Their name comes from "skin" in English, as they have the effect of a second skin on the body.

There are also super skinny trousers, which are a type of skinny trousers that are even tighter to the body.


Skinny jeans are men's jeans that flatter certain areas, such as the thighs, but are less tight in the rest of the leg. They are intermediate between skinny jeans and straight-cut jeans.

Straight cut

These are the classic and most common men's jeans, which neither flares out nor narrows in any part of the body.

Drop crotch

This type of men's jeans is loose in the waist and thighs, but tighter in the legs. The drop crotch is longer than usual, which is its main characteristic.


These men's jeans were very popular in the 1990s, and are also known as hip-hop jeans. They are the loosest of all, long-waisted and very wide regular fit, making them trousers that allow for great freedom of movement.

Today they are also considered women's jeans because of their unisex and casual cut.

At Bustins Jeans, we have also created a vintage denim collection that brings together the first garments we made decades ago. Visit it and discover our most original jeans for men.

How do you know which men's jeans to choose?

Not all silhouettes are the same, which is why it is important to choose the men's jeans that best suit them according to your personal taste.

Skinny or super skinny jeans are designed to enhance the natural curves of the leg. They create an elongated effect, especially on slim men. Slim jeans define the legs less, so they are the perfect boys' jeans for those who are not comfortable in skinny jeans and do not want to switch to baggier trousers.

Men's straight-cut jeans flatter any silhouette, as they are neither too close to the body nor too baggy. Drop crotch jeans, due to their particular cut, are ideal to give volume to the waist while keeping the legs slim and slender.

Finally, men's baggy jeans are designed to offer great comfort while adding a casual touch to the look.

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