Women's denim clothing from Bustins Jeans

We present our collection of denim clothing for women, feminine garments created with the utmost care to turn them into exclusive pieces.

At Bustins Jeans we are committed to producing zero kilometer, sustainable and ethical denim fashion. We design and manufacture our women's cowboy clothing ourselves, offering you authenticity, comfort and quality.

Denim clothing made according to the slow fashion model

The slow fashion is the new way of understanding the textile sector, a business model that is more ethical and respectful of the planet and its workers.

Origin and quality of materials

The materials we use to make our denim clothing for women are zero kilometer and of better quality than those imported from other countries. The main material is organic cotton, of certified and traceable origin.

Decent working conditions

Our clothing is produced locally, and we guarantee fair working conditions for our workers, as opposed to the exploitation often suffered by workers in developing countries where denim is produced.

Limited production of clothing

As you can see, our catalogue is small and timeless, as we give priority to the quality of women's denim clothing rather than quantity.

What women's denim clothing will you find on our shelves?

All of them! From the legendary women's jeans to denim shirts, through shorts, denim skirts, dungarees, vests and jackets. With them, you will achieve the most denim outfit.

Discover those must-have women's denim pieces in your wardrobe and join the fashion change.

Combine your denim clothes for unique outfits

Looking for inspiration for your denim looks? Here are some suggestions for you to experiment, have fun and look 100% you.

  • Mix fabrics: take advantage of denim pieces to combine them with clothes of other fabrics and textures. For example, a denim shirt with a leather skirt, or jeans with a printed blouse.
  • A single color: going for the total denim look is a versatile and elegant option. A shirt, a jacket and a pair of pants or a skirt are a combination that never fails.
  • Enhance your feminine side: a denim mini skirt combined with a button-down shirt, denim or not, will give you a feminine touch.


Whatever your style, create it with the most sustainable cowboy clothing line.

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