Vintage jeans are back, Stocks are back

Some of you will remember something if you read "stocks", won't you? Yes, they were our women's jeans and men 's jeans from the 60's, when we were BustinSTOCK and we were doing our first stitches.

Luckily, the best always comes back, or maybe it never went away... So, time has turned the "stocks" into vintage jeans that still retain the essence of the past decades.

For those nostalgic for the women's denim and men's denim that marked their generation, and for those who just got to know us as Bustins Jeans, we have created this collection of vintage jeans with which to achieve a retro look... but no less groundbreaking for that!

Vintage denim for her and him

In this collection of vintage jeans you will find different retro denim garments for both women and men.

From trousers to skirts and shirts, we make these vintage denim garments in an artisanal, local and ethical way, just as we did over fifty years ago.

Because, yes, we don't "make" vintage jeans: it's just that these denim garments maintain the original design we created half a century ago.

Wear today's vintage denim look Made in Costa Brava

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